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R Solutions Industrial Contract Sewing & Manufacturing.
After literally decades of experience in the industrial contract sewing and manufacturing field, R Solutions separates itself from the rest of the pack the top solution for anyone looking for the highest quality sewn goods, hands-on customer support, and the rapid prototyping and fabrication process that make sure you always enjoy the same kind of consistent quality in all of your sewn goods.
Offering a number of different technical solutions with a wide variety of high performance and quality materials, R Solutions has the tools, technology, and tactical knowledge necessary to deliver only the highest and most reliable products on the market today. If you can dream it, R Solutions can design it and build it for you.

Reliable prototyping and expedited manufacturing process.
One of the few industrial sewing and manufacturing companies in the world that completely relies on a hands-on and collaborative prototyping process, R Solutions trained staff will work step by step with you to make sure that the solution and product that you’re looking for is designed exactly to your demanding specifications, down to the last detail, before we begin our rapid manufacturing process. While the prototyping process has an indeterminate timeline to make sure that you have ample time to make adjustments and fine-tune the solution, we promise to expedite the manufacturing procedures the minute you give the okay to ensure that you have zero delays in receiving your sewn goods.

A one stop source for all of your commercial sewing or fabrication needs.
Working with clients all over the world both big and small, you will find R Solutions has all the necessary tools and technologies, including some of the latest and greatest industrial sewing machines and fabrication equipment, to deliver to you any sized product or order in record time. Working with both major clients and even smaller shops looking for more one-off type solutions, we have the experience necessary to ensure that your solution will always be created in a timely fashion, with a high and consistent quality across the board, regardless of how much or how few items you order.

Able to produce a range of different sewing solutions, we have worked with different companies to produce tactical equipment for the military, commercial solutions for recreational vehicles and personal watercraft, high-strength and amazing durability motorcycle accessories, some of the most reliable pieces of photography equipment, just to name a few. We would love nothing more than to have the opportunity to show you exactly what we are able to deliver.

With the kind of dedicated facilities and decades long experience needed to deliver high quality projects, regardless of the size or scope, R Solutions has the technical knowledge and equipment to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for.
We understand that there are numerous different solutions available to you for industrial sewing and manufacturing, and respect and appreciate that your investing even a small amount of your own time to see what we offer. We look forward to hearing from you soon, and eagerly anticipate being able to produce and amazing sewn solution for you.

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